“It’s a circle of friends,

That’s come round again,

And a flicker of a fading light,

When Bowie sung of Heroes,

All the punks a pogo,

Now its any colour you like"
from, calling on youth again, unorfadox 2012.

Its exactly that! Friends who were in a band in 1977 when Bowie had Heroes in the charts and punks were pogoing all over the UK.  It has all come full circle 35 years later and its feeling good.

UNORFADOX came to be in the Summer of 1976, when Brian Jardine (Lead Vocals) met Ray Amos (Bass) whilst working for an oil research company in Keston, Bromley.  Brian introduced Ray to old school friend Pete Hayward (Lead Guitar) and so UNORFADOX was formed along with Ray's friend Andy Elphick on drums.  We started to write and rehearse in Pete's mum and dad's pub in New Cross called the Talbot, and then moved with them to another pub called The Goat House.

Influences in music came from far and wide and included bands such as Dr Feelgood, Budgie, Split Enz and the Punk and New Wave movement.  After a couple of years gigging around the south east of London in pubs and clubs and anywhere we could play including the notorious Roxy Club and Ronnie Scotts, the band just amicably fizzled out leaving unfinished business!

So here we are in 2013 gigging and recording, now joined by Terry Nolan on rhythm guitar and Ricky Steele on drums.  Sparked off by a demo tape from 1977, long lost but found again 30 odd years later by Dizzy (David Holmes) of the "Bored Teenagers" website.  This tape was amongst thousands destined for the trash but rescued in the eleventh hour.  Dizzy put three tracks from the 1977 demo onto a punk compilation "Bored Teenagers Vol 6", and invited us to reform and play at the CD's launch party in November 2012 at the Boston Arms, London.  Original drummer Andy Elphick was unavailable and out of the Country so Dave Smith stepped in, then stepped out again after the gig having his own musical projects plus his first newborn.  So in stepped drummer Keith Osborn (Billy Karloff band) for the gig in February 2013 back at the Boston Arms London, again only a temporary measure due to his own projects.  So here we are, here and now making upbeat alternative rock once again as the new revamped UNORFADOX.